Income Tax – VTS TAX PLLC

One of the most important responsibilities that individuals and businesses have with the Federal Government is filing taxes. Having the advice of an expert tax preparation firm in Oklahoma will not only avoid headaches but also allows you to write off fair value based on your income level.

At Vasquez Tax Service, we strive to be the best tax preparation firm in Oklahoma:

  • Excellent service in Spanish
  • We serve 12 months of the year
  • Fair prices
  • Free consultation of your concerns
  • Certified staff
  • Ease of parking

These are some of the reasons why the Hispanic community prefers us for the preparation of their taxes.

Guided by the knowledge and experience of CPA Francisco Vásquez, the entire Vasquez Tax Service (VTS TAX PLLC) team helps you prepare your taxes reliably and submit the necessary documentation in case you apply for a tax refund.

Our tax preparation office is located at 5830 NW 50th Warr Acres, OK 73122, where one of our tax experts can assist you with the kindness that characterizes us.

How much does it cost to file taxes

At Vasquez Tax Service (VTS TAX PLLC), we have some of the cheapest rates in Oklahoma for filing taxes. The value is determined by the complexity of your taxes and the time required to prepare them.

We have services from $100 USD, let us know your case to offer you our best rate!